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Toy For Tots Shopping Spree

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Mon, 12 Dec 2016|


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He's a good thing here that you put is that. About percent this Christmas beer and we gotta you gotta we baggage than a hole like on all month how much money we spend. Are you have my own 70000. Dollars or you know or report cleared by the spent seven weeks now stars in points thanks to you. It was not finished and played our broadcast we'll remind me greens here are important points today. Weird way to put it on Monday or he'll work force a megabyte. 171000 dollars right. All drew to have these. I was more minutes ago. I can. Goldman. This due to. We while 52. Guys like fire. Actually if we're. Among those left out. They're horrible that I. You know. Homeland. That's weird night. He would vote heels fan base that get rest and treatment of a classic recipe right here again for the story. They used again what's the stuff kids men and calls them and also Chris was so.