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  1. Bob Dylan0:37
  2. Jason Phillips1:56
  3. local school5:56
  4. Dick Cheney6:21
  5. Ozzy Osborne3:57
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  8. multiple stab wounds6:04
  9. target civilian5:32
  10. voucher program4:06

Mon, 23 May 2016|


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What do we do a Carolina rebellion 2016. Well. Backstage interviews at festivals that are always tough to prepare you never know when you're gonna get which bans. Which members so this year I decided to just say. We're not gonna do any interviews we're just gonna have some fun. So I came out with rock and all cards against humanity. It's like regular targets that you play except before you read the black and white cards you have to roll the dice dice tells you which is rock star. You have to what is your characters that could be Ozzie. Let me from overhead rob how offered engines priest pop it into that field. Bob Dylan or even Elvis and it was hilarious. Check this out. Ayman horrible actors on Wednesday that it that it now it's time prevents them couldn't compete mama because the there pretty well. He's got them cannot possibly win this game comes confidence that the it didn't vehemently because they drained him. Giving birth to Atlantic parents and that is the winner. I yeah I didn't act and I couldn't compete you know drummer it's like it's easy if it's needed. I youth today are playing host. Number two you LL. This all right maybe. I'm from Memphis so this is an easy. How my maintain in my relationship status they. Testicular. Over here. Or big fingers of the only big fingers. Yeah exactly. It. The I lived together. Ultimately it waits it is now do you have to do it till you cited Iraq as an idea. Reported that would have fielded Jason Phillips who yeah. Okay. Now it dismissed don't yet. And it's interactive exhibit all enough. Now how long at the Smithsonian now it interactive exhibit don't know. Basically soak up cool look at the area. Actual. Yeah yeah that's act. Gotta go sexual he had to thank the actual they did Diego. One that's number one is that Ozzie. Ozzie play in his honor you today there. And kids that. Than did drugs to get hi I'm we did a lot of drugs if I was going to put out there. And that is the best of them to see drugs to get. Good Smith. Ain't identity jokes to get. Fingering. I don't wanna and I got to go for me I'm clearly playing Garth has made it OK thank you. Rush Limbaugh as she saw she Tebow on the goods and pastor. Ball halts its its good to the I'm going balls next to each America if anything. Flying insects snakes through its via. And that's pretty spirited defeat the game. Teach for America is using either roll through its body it is fitting stated that as any to your real age. I gotta go lying sack state. How should they don't tell us. Down real good out don't believe it is like getting nine say oh it out and actually you people had a new satellite yet the weather's pretty you know reading the card in response in the voice of Ozzy Osborne. The only one that I really. And when I looked a lot to flood Oakland voucher program. That was a good accurately the thunder out of finding your calm about it what you applause. Do you wanna not what would not want a fine but don't you want to blunt okay. That makes Miami may have the second. My balls on Atlantis. I rolled it schism Elvis. Limited. While musty Ki moon will almost acute food. And almost sticky. Almost so do yeah whom Lulu. The pursued through the us that hey involvement local local local phone bill well I like that is pleasant but a llama sticky. Lot of the duties men cookbook put him you're eligible voters who left the article didn't I'll go with the law muscles stating that says paying job but only and I'll take the black because. Bob Dylan Bob Dylan populous toughly. Hey mister tambourine man what's that sounds. It's Wilson. Played rock and roll do you it's like. What's that sound its incidence. I. Mr. tambourine man what's that target civilian casualties but boys don't Britain's oldest isn't a that's sounds. Incest with a hello I gotta give it isn't just it. Those. Little balloon global it was little local school. Lies moment of the data analyzed mommy crying. That is why isn't mommy crying. From multiple stab wounds. That's a bad Ozzie that's actually pretty good enough. New laws all laws only crying and getting naked in watching Nickelodeon. Quilted the USA drove to the children of Afghanistan us. Dick Cheney. What tasteful side boob put up a the pistols knives and killing. That's an important area but the go it. Look what grandma flying high holy site. For him. John me hey pay. African children. Advocate children adds. In d.s for him. He's eaten during dinner crystal net. Disappointing heart Smart. A little birdie.