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Hottest Tattooed Girl Contest Pt.2

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Fri, 18 Mar 2016|

Hottest Tattooed Girl Contest Pt.2


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Apparently. The estate that was home. Earlier us. Oh. It. Ours at its core system is. And. I don't. Always lover and her. And let's let yeah I hear you also have comments that it let's start to hear what country. You agree with me that they always have me. On. Black why I think other black. I don't know I think and good. That a lot. It. What you wanted to do it. I doubt on the our mayor nurses goal. Mean yeah that's how distasteful what is that there are American Kennedy better. Amanda. Nelson and Johnson. Everything now. Aren't what else you guys. OK that's on the top pick her I killed eight. Confident all of mine Laurie at a fast pace. That moves. You've got a what looks deep skeletons looking each other and we're the guys would. Right. When and are. Now out here. And it op. While. And it was what. The place where the volcano erupted in all the people just kind of now let's hear. What. And instead you're exposed the it was pretty it was urgent. I'll definitely won yet. And aunt rose's place. That hurt. A little I did outline for hours and one on the top of the foot that is the earth that. And embraces that I have. It's and I'll call him. Through that. Process and that's what I do not out. And so. Is it no mind it. Well yeah. Yeah yeah forever. Frederick. Why would why why it. I was wondering do. The question to ask this if they'll be honest is. You know some of don't want it but they're nice and what that Lindsay. And talked trash about you that she's gonna judge heard crack crack were. Mark yeah. Where you. Westerly at. Well and I left leg pains like all that's there period and my sister's name yeah. Saying you know. Anthony. And that's good. And what is that it's an ancient means it is. A. And it. Stevie Wonder are there any. Fears. That. Well good. And not all. Crawls out light socket acts. And where you're from hole. Here. At least. That. There are. One expert witness ever and owner and my. And it's great. That. And yeah. I'm amazed that kind of got out of the camera I mean phone. Tehran. On the line of your car. Rule. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. How hard. It. Run the board. Rid of that nature I think the one tonight. We're one what are we working with anyway to. Describe it to me and wouldn't do it is Harley Quinn. Clinton. He's really well hung out there who is. Is a thing. Opt out here yet because it's my favorite artists. I'll spend. An. Opportunity in the industry. I just. Jumped on it right and so. That. There. One when they mr. Geiger. I. Don't have the held by morality. It sounds us policy. It. OK it's all part they're what is what is this on the only right that. And it finished it is the Cheshire cat. Hard look at that. And effective. Tax. Numbers. I don't care. You have started bartering for just. Regret for what it. Let me finish it for walker. Average person's car market. But this. That. Particular package. What he's information particularly outraged. You're. Able. Jewelers. But I got. Quote just flowers. I mean Pittsburgh just. It's just very. And it. And piercings. Yes the phone down. If that or I think for. Me this but. Yeah. And rule. Out that it. Racecar and say that concerns you are coming out with some. Wry little fantasy reason why I quite liked her I think it myself actually went thirteen to. Really. You're trying to I was overstated the so you can't base it. Oh. It's our way it operates. Angel in Dubai and what is needed. Is an auto power. They're little they're sober or maturity. What's Burton paying. Her real life. Now. These players. Touched me I. Partner Harry Anderson struggle for reducing were reportedly. And okay. Yes. But. There's. Only one. Card gauge it gauge species terror unfortunately. That wasn't pregnant or. Andre go. And I don't think Google. Like. Though your strategies or disturbed persons. All right we got an equal more is asking them to be injured. Well he has a it. And why did we're. This is Kayla and they'll make it very deep ball. They are brought it. Cultures are well yeah yeah. Is she is currently. There. Simpson will. Interest in aliens they got turnaround for ball. On the well let's let's say he had I think the rest bad act those blowout. You can ask for assistance to we're paper and aren't certain. Business there is. Oh is that there aren't as arrogant that's the case. He's on our go to Larry well. They weren't doors and rowand hit words she shouldn't. Be asked for a while that. Hour. What's happening here or there but it is breaking her. Friends and groups that are. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I. What I stand up. I. Is. There. Arm. Back and she wants to weigh. Yet. And Greenland and and then I birdied holes. Because it's an insult from. All of them that he's remembered as the game yes is torn muscles Green Zone principles race bird that's. What else what else is on the ground there they've decide the suppression. Yeah and did rumor here's a closer carried a neck. And as I've. OK and I and what else that's at peace with the Yankees as just fire and then I did that Mary Matalin. And so it's him and I think she did it right that doubles who should get my kids to the game and. And I varieties of any of our impersonate secure outrage that Herb Alpert and real quick and. And what has your your report this and that's what it. And the global. Oh so now say I don't feel as though you call. That is it okay. Okay. Yeah. And detonate. What is that thing that. Hey girl earlier cultures or there's a large enough that I heard on yeah. Well and he ended I. Yeah so that's kind of all they hear that here and work for us we. East and one for grammar and if you think that's when you. We need to an outright. That different things. Are very. Yeah we girl both all indoors for. Now with. The all. Here. Chrome. Around here. Let our brother and really. Happy and I'm sorry. For. You were Coleman editor of the. Might it important that you all these. And do.