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Easter Egghead

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  1. Easter Egghead

    Easter Egghead

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Fri, 25 Mar 2016|

Easter Egghead


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Don't go all gung ho grassland and yet there's quit. Now wall EE. Saying yeah I'm all evening news and ask. I her you know him out of here and I hit in the head with a horrible and or big ask her back here and I. So hurt and you are hatchet. On I came right back up. Those are attacks weren't the right. Who thought if pars there and anyway or beating. Him. It. And one by one I think he's evidently gave a group or you can't your purse. Or. Pay an egg and some don't don't pick up the way it is so I was when you go live in this match here and there they are looking at you right now what vendors over prevalent. There's an original kid. They. Are monitored and you can match apple we're playing the Easter egg at a moment I think. Again. Okay. Yeah. I'll I'll I'll outlaw a girl. Yeah. And probably a little. More anti government Allah that they examine how. Yeah things are really good note it that they are here they're very good lender Lugar teacher don't. Yeah. And they come in handy error. Yeah it. If it idiot and yet and yet still wore on the back well the well he. Will be Ang NA and yes they're here so particular later. Call me. Hilton Quincy where. Your media there. Currently under gore does. I'm sure that other observers have. I think you act and act. Buckled eagle the Chrysler merger started. I think it nice. Day. Is that is that is that you tell me what you can do this time video in this one as well Jimmy's video and holding on Glenn's answer right. Well you're 123. On the road and broaden her well. A home you're gonna go to group. Don't let guys we'll. Let alone on the view well I'll be warned. That hard. And he really sixties next best. They are you get right here tomorrow burner apparently billboards that they give you aero. They get mad lib it editor here. That's the. Girls put at least who hate words and safety goggles indeed. My glasses on it. If you are let's remember this great big enough for and it's. Yeah it. Right so far. In the video and enclosed settlement are external appearance so far. They've each taken all it. Now or everybody already start there and they are not all crawl there were three up on that. Hardball our motor. All right. Does well. And all. Me. And that. Well. I. The ball. Well. They're gonna. Well. One of the messages blew. That. Al and that would. Yeah. I already. Pre Easter egg white and very. I. All. In in Campbell will contact me. And he's a wanna be flat and our fingers are great. Birds are here I think this is this for Andre Agassi. A follow. You want yeah. Both of you pay here at the same time on the whole. Right. Thing in the which already have pollute our little bird the Mariners are actually. On the character it was you know both new at this same time aren't like that wedding reception in her why. Aren't impairing our Reuters greater degree course. On the count of three long lines here and me. Oh boy yeah. Yeah the girls the well. I'm gonna pick a great pain. I didn't get was okay.