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The Rise Guys Karaoke Competition

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  3. New Orleans6:38
  4. Islam movement9:19
  5. carrier ring3:32
  6. Gainesville7:34
  7. cross town9:44
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Mon, 4 Apr 2016|

The Rise Guys Karaoke Competition


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I. Okay. And. Really it's none of them. Do a lot of oh world oil and then the rim earned whoa began after. The pong. Swimming remove all and we hear the learned we lose first though well we've mind there. All. As we are the one little moment today. Always wanted to go but memorable moments. News. And we are the one who long to do. Always wanted to play haven't you never want news. And every feel. News loves. We're in use. Small mind it. Dream. No longer alone we've grown. And we turnaround I've been a long long. You'll give me one. Fleming who will haunt me there to learn we'll lose north oh win. A good. It's more. We know one good long look good you can always wanted to go when you never. Today it is. We found along and they won't do you always want to play and the balloons. Although. There. Yeah. None. Ooh it's. Having our home and not being honest. Lonely. Thing the last time there's only room for another town let. One thing we don't rural. And I'm comment home. Don't you stand among these keys are long. Homeowner I'm not down then I'm no rim. And now motor and houses and meet soon. Vincent man and ask. Leno does me learn. Wanna rags Lucy Brown I'm not some things. Rose on wall. And you name it carrier ring alone yeah. Okay. The do you let. Us and I wanna show it's singer known to man insanely. Damn mean. Really turns you. Hanging its own now is playing easier may have been full use saying. Whenever I can make you Jews. Mom non paying and her. Nano on Powell's is don't know he's seeing game do you. Now let's go loves brands and. And loans continue. The lone decent round there on long campaign. Zoos color. I. One or you may even tiger ring. Can call its. Yeah. Oh make me you know. And I landline and game. OK. Okay and I. Okay. OK okay. Within Mac okay. My name is not a and then. My name is never go ahead. OK. Okay. The okay. You really OK okay. Okay. Okay. And I made a campaign do. Yeah. OK. Okay. OK okay. Okay. OK. Okay. OK. Okay. It's. Why it's again. Like few days ago. Okay. Thank you name it and dad emailing me. Really mad men yeah I guess midnight news. We'll. Head. I need a New Orleans. Okay. I know this pain yeah. Well. So in the east changes. No one game changer it's at the funeral. Don't have very led anyone's death well losing use. Hi and your mom and you really can't do fear and this Iranian style. Whoa oh some day somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around say wow. Until then Dave they're going they're emboldened me to grab don't you know don't you know things can change things are going your way to deal. Hello Nall. Ball one more day Gainesville. Is John we're on my day. Things do you. Okay. Hello an awful lot on the McCain. One way this year. Oh yeah. Staying. You're are you comfortable win that. Pain. I know one of the main bone yard run and a few minutes. You guys just stepped into your grown men. Led new layer is as you dive yeah OK okay it's. He's way deal. Change your non. No food no. Hey somebody's gonna take you wanna turn around pay you back. Did okay and made hey are you kind of voted out and make you cry it's no. These details basically go early it's you know. Okay. Now aren't all like more game he's okay. Monica. Days ago anyway. Okay. Code onto one moved me. It's. 3:30 in the morning then. Not just so insane. Then is that you lack a ghost town on the moon. The summoned. Raindrops on only in here on this Islam movement in the end. Send them back. Some glaring thing that I am sure that there. We read that is where and then. Hannah house those cross town. He's brazen manner Taylor's home and then there's pain if Leno can go. Ask him alone knew full. Well fringe she's not my name. Bring in is blue as. That's champ Tim mound on that. And the thunder. Room. And you. I'm new era boom. Then I need strength. Another logos cool. It's lead is now how. As the song. Moon's. OK now it's usual. I. Okay. It's. A. It. The lounge England. Winning comes to loving you. I knew anything you want me. Now they live in thing at all. Yeah I'm standing yeah. In the air embargo were down easy yeah yeah all they did as well as let the mean. Now have Barry Bonds and home. You know then I'm not a man yeah. They end. Isn't sure about that tomorrow and I've been living in the end I don't breaking easy I have my car. Her dad could you need to be easy Ed is a guy challenge game. Funny I don't have a rare. Every MIC is standing in the air. I go down a long time. And I'm Jay. And I never. I'm remote and all did you miss me go wow I. I do any of that game. Easy and home I love I'm never planned on. What I did real zoo is what I couldn't turn down and I got to won't go away very Manning a line I have removed. But I can't watch the waves through news. I have never land any gang have been as much control. Me. And my. Where do you hard and com I'm laughed my old one. Then I may not as simple morality in this way. I heard me. But it is you all tomorrow and now I can reviews yeah I'm never heads so much to. Rule and I. You know.