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The Rise Guys Play Maceball

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  1. The Rise Guys Play Maceball

    The Rise Guys Play Maceball

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Thu, 7 Apr 2016|

The Rise Guys Play Maceball


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They don't they want. I put my. And Yankee you RA Dickey. Com being on the same team the master batters and that we hear of hers which means yes this kitchen with his art he's usually catcher. It is gonna debt doubled in the on this which is where it didn't get it got very weak well yesterday there were. And accidentally burn you are going to amazed. And also what about me it's. Everybody talent and it went one I. We get added that person had jobs or militia we get is it problem. We over the visiting team. Write a long road. And that it wouldn't do it again this. It's good or bad for him. As we're right now. Yeah. But yeah. Bad luck I had it any way yeah. It's like yeah. Hey act and act. There. It's not birdies and it is instantly no outlet and the birds though that her life. Big. It looked like a hero to them. Also what's it yeah Ingram was yeah. It's. Yeah yeah. Jordan's right there and probably not. You can want it. Until then yeah. Yeah they're gonna let us. Robert let me know and certainly got. You can make those big picture here. If you blow. Oh. It hurt. Help what does the outlook and accuracy but at least in the pricing policy. Yeah and I got here. Not air quality. Though they are all man I don't. Wouldn't. Well yeah it all and ball. Up and we. It. Well what I'm and it's. And I. It hurts that's 11 the blood. A within our time is right back in America grant yeah. All Ed and me. Acknowledgment. As well. Do. An article. Right now out of work correctly and let people down here. I. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You yeah. The. Yeah. I do agree. Yeah. I did yeah. Yeah. Now they are apparently lining up the next. It in the right we'll. And opening day hateful old. You look at these. But I did do it into department back. Yeah yeah yeah 11 okay. A lot more time brown. You RA Dickey. Oh. Oh yeah. Yeah. The yeah. That agreement are you ready to get nice group or are you ago wind today very. Hole and try. Democratic advantage in any place I've really. Got an old saying hey did you think about. Hate feeling and I can't Lou they they did this movement that is. I think. About your number. Yeah abstract. Seated in the back. Me. Didn't you know obviously play baseball this is our only not her only certainly this is our IPO we came wouldn't I would imagine. Via. You know make your hurt don't. I. Are you. There. You've got back. And apparently. Yeah. Well. Playing for the day dabble aides looked. And ready Jarrett you're gonna want to three. I got here and I don't. I. Once pregnant soon. You. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All night. Hi. Bow. Out and that bar and certainly they're still a little bit harder and harder. Don't have outright. Or Alex well. All there now. Yeah yeah like that is what works. If you are. Okay very well wait for a the bluntly here on campus this is opening day of may well. It living behind me you don't experience that we all involved. They call but I could. Write pretty huge. And I every tragedy. At all yet you know the remark. I have well what are they trying to. Aren't. Great on the Ryder Cup back at the studio. And rehabilitate it and opening day. Baseball and 11 tie against the master ball berth is beat Tampa bay devil aids. Floor. Yeah. He. Talked oh. Well everybody.