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AJ Styles in Studio Pt1

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Wed, 18 May 2016|

AJ Styles in Studio Pt1


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Join AJ styles and I was by in studio with this by the way the phenomenal one. I like the new era. I am just being honest doctor Cox forgive me I know he's in here but. Man until you guys came it was getting a little old must still a day and only had. The spice things up again there Maria let me listen to the matches that are going on right now crumbling oh absolutely. Luke gallows selling this stuff is greater now yeah Nina always. It's very gained just bit the new names you're Sammy new names to it so a lot of folks had just watched you know of the TV stuff but if you have the network if you have. You know you watch stuff from Japan a lot of these names that you're CN. I I'd. We went so NXT up in Charlotte though what a month ago I guess now that got to see Nakamura the only person and that was I mean that was like. I can't wait to see you to wrestle and WW late it's gonna happen that's what I don't like how to sell. No no listen none none else. No you're wrong and we got plea Intel right. And a new rule with when it happens it'll be another classic hit it but there's other guys said. And we have the opportunity in the ring with his well I know there's there's a whole roster of Gaza and and have the opportunity in the ring with Aaliyah it's exciting for me yeah but you guys you never been entering with before even entering what a lot of legends over the years all over the world it. We must excited with the union and bring with the end of the I mean this literally is SE that roster a mask has done necessarily one guy's a whole Ross and now with the opportunity during. Yeah and it's going to be fun yes period. You probably don't remember this but we have the mental Waffle House together you're right I don't remember that I don't know what I'm I don't remember a lot of things I don't know her well I you want to get so angry with me illuminate other than as a home alone until about July tournament the first and then in a positive way. But I eastern right around when the young man by the name of the ticking time bomb Scotty ray and no yes Scotty downing Cornelia Georgia. And one night after he got put duet table or something off occasionally Al went over to the Waffle House thing I know I know what lawful house it is yeah always when this let me use generate Michaels I'll give you. The did black hole slam or if you guys have yes. Yes in minutes. Scotty rent and myself I know of and that and send it was taken into it right I tell you answer came I agree I don't missourians got you mess around with his new round. And who we came within an accident yup men's room. I remember I remember when he got stolen I remember somehow. Fraud in the court really really aware of him in the US that's right that's right. Well well I guess karma is the best of that then. Well it's a sad thing but established and I can't talk about that like OK I mean you can well. Listen you're you this is what I understand the story you've got to developmental offer from WWE. You're meanwhile it is okay 2002 your wife at the time Mobley was in college yes. And you said OK if I think this developmental deal I'm gonna has to move my wife is in college. Tom I'm gonna have to be all over the country all over the world I'm not ready to put my eight. Family owned hold to chase this dream. Not my job is to be a husband that's also for her. Our dream came long before mind you and elbows more important and it turned out to be the right decision yet and everything's about timing. And he if may have taken me a long time to get to the WB but the time was right when I did. Yeah yeah because I mean you know he. DNA when it first came out was cut and weird DG van that was what Ole they had costs of three I think maybe owed to a television and the death. Illegal it was a nice alternative but it just doesn't have the magic that A you make man property head. That's all I'll tell you what. What it was for him it was NX TM. Sixty is hot this year and see some great stuff in the rink. That's what. You know that's what I should event. They had all the talent they Samoa Joseph and also Mary snow Eric young and I'll be rude myself. In Xavier woods and yeah. The the truth or Ron the our truth. I mean there's a lot of guys that went through there like holy crap I didn't know that I haven't had a slew of as they can get the job done but did you know. I. Am glad it happened the way it did yeah. Make sure because it allows you to. Two to go over to Japan and like seizing yourself you know like you are a completely different wrestler now I mean having seen you in Cornelia. And now just like you have grown into. BN what AW WEC. For star experiences everything yet you mean there's no way you can teach experience you've got to get it yet and that means. Wrestling currently for zero cash and just for the opportunity get better and driving five or six hours. We're ten bucks that's what you gotta do experiences everything and it paid reduce exactly exactly it you'll perspective you know bow as. How you went Anderson University. I know on which Anderson College Anderson Colin Powell library bigger fiance university now that do they have like are they they have a football team that true and I don't know that now the hallway and also check us they had they had a basketball team and a wrestling team softball team. Israel and is it ever makes us longer sauter teammates and all the must write her attorneys and they have bad stories then and now I believe that don't think so oh well I say norm and his critical yes. Armed Tony kids now. 119610. My god I didn't realize you had for now the actual oceans. I wasn't a mistake he was just. Prize that we had fourth one. Yeah. You know but I had a little girl so it was it's awesome congratulations that's great it was a little girl and they watched today said there and then watched that. I really don't listen all they've known. Is this what have done their whole life so but I think they use it. As a ploy to kind of stay up a little bit longer to watch data on TV turn brewers did on TV. And listen guys. We can do you go to whatever you can watch it later you don't get to stay at Julia. Given bad and painful for you there aren't injured today you know if they pull for me that Canada and it's a better if they have to like. Kill myself for you guys are not even stand exactly actually raise its writers hours because of Wayne good couple weeks now three or four good weeks. You finally where Roman rains I would venture like you did last McCoy you know what I did drive that they have to an adult and about a gun preacher that we haven't about Stanley that you maybe should anymore time or something like that yeah the. Gordon ninety year time over speedway that AJ styles WWE smackdown. In town tonight the well Barnes a core wellness arena. Yet some great matches would staying in CNN. That was something I was hoping we get to see again when you came to WW week out we had staying on the other day. And we get to talking about you and I want you to listen to what he says if you don't mind this is this was what they was it them. RGs are inherently I don't know I got as we're going. And do this like. This OK there isn't this a result this is this past Friday. Well I do believe that he is phenomenal and I've always shared good HA is seen as oil the most creative. Incredible. Ability and I've been in marine widow most Jews. Is starting his mood his ability. I you know I just I think I know Alicia what are hurting him a picture of what I was you know. The young young staying you know but man I am so glad that you need. Made it into our belida VE what I heard he was there and took a one of the beeline Umenyiora some of the green drilling ultra old. And now we're right Tillman gave a big hug and you know fictional are also. Many many went out there toward local Chris Jericho in the room so. I'm just glad it all worked out. Tour AJ actually she deserves or than she chi chi should be there. Where does that mean you'd hear like we we do is get to spend some time when staying up in when Lincoln's and north Carolina's pass Saturday night. I mean we've got goosebumps been around the data you've wrestled him and hear him say in those things about you as a McGee. You know he was one of my heroes you know. Always like the encroaching the best GAAP but you know a lot of times you know what you're hearing never meet your heroes is you know you never know what you're gonna meet right well Disco was. An amazing actor ever so many the first time and a wrestling more than once and a and to be in the ring with a means is some special remember. First time we gathering together he's an asset do you wanna do it or anything like them and he said that age I am 45 years. Yeah. I just.