Apr 14, 2015|

Twisted Todd talks to Corey Taylor about Slipknot's upcoming performance at Carolina Rebellion and Stone Sour's new covers EP!

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Esther was dodman get to take a few minutes to talk to the guy who has to be bassist guy and Iraq general industry right now is. Among other things. Front man for a couple small bands like it slip knot stone sour cartel battles going on them. There would do you do and I'm good sir how are you man are you know just paying out Schultz and siren do interviews we pick myself up about an hour so. From school so you know just fill in the blanks you know this because you still not yet yeah Ramirez now. Out in and out for the next couple weeks before we get the route again. Oh yeah absolutely gassed from the plan Carolyn rebellion this year oh yeah absolutely it would imported power of you remember this man but I actually had you in the studio in the ethic about six years ago out yet it was UN I think it was the first day that clown actually started coming with the UN studios. OK yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely. I remember yeah. Yet because mark never gives. Like creative license like he gave you guessed it we third down a double shot a slayer and followed up the secret lovers by Atlantic starves great. Can't prop up a direct it if our listeners were trapped in their pants needles amazing. I've. Well I mean they're at this point of view if you don't noted they expect more expect the book comes dust that you just need to get that game and yeah different. It's been a crazy like that turbulent past six years men got it's been. Crazy but you are you were staying busy keeping it go and then. Well you know that it's it's it's we get a billion it's there especially something like that happens he's gonna have to do what you chair and you back to the point where it states try and that makes it cents an ounce up. We all can they had did go to our own. Persian knows. It you know healing acceptance. Anger. Induced you can scar get there and I handle water. On them both you know once we once we all did that you know we've all kind of got veteran like art it's. We've we've figured out what we wanna say in how we want to sit and then. After that it was all bets are off. Now how how are the new guys working out. Do great demand actually. Really good guys very respectful really good players on that is the tightest we've been in years and you know it it just sit it's it's feeling really good right now I needed even after recession that we've been through you know it's. It was always so it was always the one thing that we never had to worry about what was give up onstage and you know now it's just. It's different. A bit sometimes different is good you know I mean it's never going to be saying. But if you can get as close to do it is possible you know it's you know let's let's go boot into workshops. Everything's so you know so far so good let's put. On excited few guests bring the new lineup to. Airliner by and so glad because you gasping on Carolina rebellion this year was like the worst kept secret because they kept teasing it and they put up although. Slip knot Massa everybody knew. Look and arsenal's going to be good headliners Kennedy's Europe. But so really excited and I know you're not unfamiliar with Carolina are banned because you had stone sour there the very first year. Yeah yeah that was a guitar man that's actually where there's a funny story we're down there we played on two or boomer toward do you secrecy. Airliner going to actually Mitt ritual bullet from or grow. And then you know stress or about a year and you know we were looking for somebody played bass some more of morehouse school boards albums. And low ball that racial number you know that's next batch how we got it you know so. I hadn't met him at Carolina rebellion I wouldn't be able to have him aren't there a possible post columns so. There it is. See playing semi or not here no he just came down she was in the Blair no kidding yeah man yeah Jim Webb should show. Hung out with one of the coolest people on the planet I mean bar none just Odierno. An amazing dude are really into the stage such a great player and everything we studio. He could play and and really just did better than we thought it was you know that. And ideas that we had you know everything you had it was just really really do it into. At this stage is still one of my really different and so you know and I O Carol and her ability to draw that. That's awesome man indeed speaking of being like a small world. You know we've got a couple guys here in the building you know that it came from Iowa like us style man from GGO open Iowa. And I think under a joke yes he's our sister program director for the classic rock station and for the station. End. Are operations manager program director he's he's real there's well mark Kendrick or Mata then Mark Anderson. A back in his day. That's that's cool so man it's you know and GGO has been around. Ever in this terrible you know I mean you can. It's you know you grow up listened to radio you don't you you knew exactly your religion which you received got you got good people working there. Absolutely I just listened to the news EPE of covers egos that for record store day I was just listen up today and you know the crazy thing is. Is I had just recently I'm not a big kiss fan but I of the only kiss your record not only does a kid. Was love gun and use a cell also because I've been actually reminiscing on that album like just like with the the past week. And it is so weird because one of the reside did that don't know if you've heard this yet or not. Is theirs and now are re gay cover a hostile your love have you heard that are ordered greater it's some Swedish. It won't even really if you look at it on YouTube just type in re gay kiss I stole your love it some might. Am I guess like nameless Swedish reggae man. And and it's it's just it's really Trippi got to check that out. I would die definitely well bottoms so down with that that's probably much Saber just album is looked dark and you know what we were talking about you know with this song to do and you know but that was like we got it up it's just such a powerful too you know. That's one of my favorite so. They guide I think our version came out really really good so you know I'm I'm I'm hoping people dig it. It was it was really good man and it was slow locker here you go mom love you now. I like best is great ladies bold O Paul Stanley. Yeah alright yeah except that perhaps. Exactly I mean you get you got to channel it you know I think. It's cup light slayer when they did and got a debate have you ever heard their version of that order some weird don't know what you're not exactly very good then. Tom awry you know as tell it like babe Vietnam does like I never thought I would hear baby. Come out of something slayer did this is alma at that bloke blue Obama. Derek. Hit it there. But that was that was absolutely Killy deathly got to check out the reggae version. I love the cover you guys did to Alice in Chains because the very first song I ever heard of Elson chains was that song. And you know before there was ever anybody start dawn around the word grunge and not just thought hey man this is another great sludge economy metal band and you know you guys covering that home was just perfect. No I saw them on the clash of the titans tour. Back in bird in the ninety like nobody knew about them. And it was such a bit of mismatched bill you know I mean yeah I'd you know three of the big four iron and then Alison change that but. I can remember just being mesmerized. And just loving that they had immediately I immediately went out of touch base list. And that it's just there to this day there won't record there so. Why is you know at bat song in particular is one of my favorites are that because it's got that we that. It's got this huge chorus it's just get the you know so I knew we recover Alice changed moderate go for you know it'll. I was very impressed listen entity because I just just a satellite and digital download of the day which is ironic it's digital download for it and it's for record store day I'm like that's. Irony there. Well Ed werder we are gonna make that available for a very terse there and so. But how you are giving you a little bit in the Israel now meanwhile Burbank is the first of artistry there were different. We have meanwhile Burbank which is telling outbursts there. We have and then we have straight out of Burbank. Which is coming out probably solidified months after that. And then the last one is called. Straight out of Burbank and then the last one called mood sleep till Burbank so it's it's you know we have a trilogy going on. And I mean it's just it's just just basically just kind of put you get accused of we love you know like the band's influence starts. To get into music into so writing music you know that every one slump. The firebrand that you hear on meanwhile. They didn't even cover it you know army units they didn't next you're even more the first day it's you know I'm I'm really excited to have people here. Well jet based on the titles and I can tell what's your you know of course parenting there. What kind of a direction that's gonna go and that's pretty crazy. Yeah well don't expect them and WAI I can tell you that are out called give me that we just like the title. There's going to be there's some good stuff you're gonna this year man that you it's increasingly. That's awesome though brother I hope I get to read NCAA Carolina rebellion again I it's actually ran achieve very briefly the first year that man that immediate sense that first year. Everything about Carolina are they in the very first year was just a cluster fornication of sorts and they have really encourage here yet but I gotta tell you meant last year was my first or going back to those two year absence from Carolina are by and I went back last year and I got say they've really got their game together. Don't know what you know I don't know the people behind it and I know they've you know they've every year they just they learn more more about your auditory and they're told personals really good people. And the blue even. Did they believe in the bands they believe in the music they believed and still cheaper although lies because too many people on this side. Refused to even you know you're just perspective Purdue are so it's cadet people like that are quarterly you know. Absolutely. Andy knows you're gonna do and any interviews that the the media tent. I think so let me or did you know at the time there's no getting data that so I'm sure will be dragged me in there to do much crazy Dutch shell. Oh look for an event. I'll have slowed no trust me I'll look a Little League would get a hold of you Manx clear we. You know storm also run that media tent down Deirdre good our brother lessons great hockey team man and I'll see you then I am and you're wrote you today.